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Restoran Arun & Aruna Catering @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Restaurant Arun & Aruna Catering is the latest Tamil restaurant to open it's doors in Tanjung Malim, Perak. Having started for about 3 months now, this restaurant is located along Jalan Masjid Lama which is the stretch of road that comes out from Kampung Kubu. If you stand at this restaurant, then Bank Pertanian and the Bus Station would be clearly visible. Previously this very unit used to be Krishna Vilas. The gentleman running that restaurant has aged and gone into retirement. Now, he rents the premise out to these guys. 

The Restaurant Next To Manikam Store

The View Standing From Bank Pertanian

Simple Old Fashioned Layout

Run By A Family
I had attempted to visit them much earlier but the biggest problem with this locality is parking. It is almost impossible to get a space close by during the day and these guys are only open from morning till around 6.00 pm. Even this afternoon, I had to park and walk quite a distance. The layout hasn't changed much from Krishna Vilas time. Practically the very same furniture. Run by a family, the place had a charm of it's own. Not the modern feel but quite a homely feel to it. I was here quite late, almost close to 5 pm and they were almost getting ready to close up in an hour's time. Nevertheless, they were very friendly and welcomed me warmly. Business must be good though as many of the varieties had already been sold out and they were only left with some limited variety to offer. Being hungry, I just agreed to make do with whatever that was left. 

Iced Water
I wasn't in the mood for other hot drinks as I had been literally having numerous Tea's and Coffee's throughout the day and therefore just went with the basics. I am not sure about individual prices and therefore would mention the total cost of my meal towards the end.

Par Boil Rice with Chicken Perattal and Cucumber Acar

Par Boil Rice
They had both the usual variety of rice as well as Par Boil Rice and I chose the latter. Somehow, I am so used to this as this is the very variety that is cooked at home too. Having been used to it since childhood, I would simply go for this whenever this is available. The person serving me, a guy, was very lavish with the portions. In fact, every time he was adding something to my plate, I had to stop him saying that's it's sufficient. I am not sure if he is being generous simply because it is close to closing time or if his nature is such. Either or, I truly appreciate it. Do take note that they also serve Banana Leaf Meals. As it was quite late, I simply decided to go for the plate. Moreover, many of the items had already been sold out and it would be a disadvantage for me to still pursue that as I would be at the losing end, paying higher prices when variety was limited. The rice was perfectly cooked. Not a single thing to complain about this.

Cucumber & Onion Acar

Cucumber & Onion Acar
As far as the veggies were concerned, this was the only one that was left. The cucumber and onions were both very fresh but the preparation lacked a little. It seemed like it was cooked by someone who had just recently started doing mass cooking. A little shortage here and there. Taste was very average too. I would rate this at 4/10 .

Chicken Perattal

Chicken Perattal
They only had Chicken and Fish and I chose Chicken. Don't be fooled by the portion size. Despite looking huge, 85% were bones and that should give you an indication as to how much meat would have been left. I wonder what happened to the meat. Perhaps, they must have used it for Chicken Pop Corn or Chicken 65 instead. I am not trying to be pessimistic here but my gut tells me that this is yesterday's Fried Chicken that had been recycled to Chicken Perattal today. I truly understand that that's a very common thing that happens in most, if not all Indian restaurants but this one was just odd. It must have been the preparation itself which once again clearly wasn't up to the mark. Somewhat bland, I just didn't like it at all. At some point in time, being one that does not like wastage, I was just hoping that this serving would miraculously be done with somehow. That was the kind of thoughts that were running in my mind. As for the rating, I would only give this 3/10 . I should have chosen the Fried Fish as that looked way better than this and it was fried to a crunch, just the way I love it. The Fried Fish that I am referring to is Ikan Bulus and not Tenggiri cuts.

Kirai Kulambu

Kirai Kulambu
I would always prefer to start my meal with Sambar but that was sold out. The one that was available was the above Kirai Kulambu which is also one of my favourites. So, he came with a large spoon and poured out a serving on my rice. The moment I noticed the colour, I was skeptical. It looked very odd indeed. Now I started praying that this does not create any havoc in my tummy later on and with that, started eating my rice with this Kirai Kulambu. Okay lah! That's just what I can say. Neither horrible nor good, it was just okay. Definitely lots of room for improvement before this could reach commercial standards. In fact this statement applies to the other two dishes tried too. Tasted very much like a curry prepared by new bride cooking for the first time for her husband. In fact all the dishes tasted thus far were absolutely the same. Rating.....hmmm I think a 3/10 would suffice.


I had asked for some Rasam and he served me in a tumbler. I always have my Rasam at the end of my meal but having succumbed to finish the earlier Kirai Kulambu with half the rice portion, I seriously needed a remedy to redeem my taste buds that had just undergone a battering. Having been served the Rasam, I looked at it and had only one thing to say.... Not again! Clearly it was not looking like Rasam. I took a sip and my prediction was proven to be correct. It tasted like some odd herbal, spiced drink that wasn't spicy at all. In fact, it was quite bland in taste and oily. Once again, forcefully, I gulped it down. I would rate this preparation at 3/10 .

Fish Kulambu

Fish Kulambu
Having had half the portion of rice remaining, I asked them to bring some Fish Kulambu and one of the guy's served me the Fish Kulambu in a nice, aluminium plate. As mentioned earlier, the service here is personal, superb and very fast. It's just the food that is not quite up to expectations. Now, the Fish Kulambu looked nice and I took just a little to taste it with the rice. For the first time in my life, I came to the conclusion that if even this is not good, then I am just going to leave the rice and not going to force myself to finish it. Why pay and torment myself when food should be one that brings us an immediate state of ecstasy. Coming back to the Fish Kulambu, after having tasted it, the next thing that I did was to topple the entire contents onto my rice and started whacking it. In total contrast to all the earlier dishes, this Fish Kulambu was so good. In fact, I would boldly say that it was simply perfect with just the right flow of flavours. Amazing is the word! If they can prepare this to be so good, what went wrong earlier? I am just lost nevertheless thankful that I have discovered something amazingly good here. I would definitely rate this at 10/10 . 

Contact Details

Illustrations Are Not Actual
My total meal today cost me RM 6.50 and I find that to be very reasonable. Generally food is not up to expectations but if you are looking for some excellent Fried Fish (Ikan Bulus) and Fish Curry, then this is a must try place in the entire Tanjung Malim. None of the other Tamil (not including Indian Muslim restaurants) restaurants in town serve this good a Fish Curry. I would definitely be returning again, specifically for the above mentioned items. They also sell a variety of tiffin items for breakfast.

Address: No. 2, Jalan Masjid Lama, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0730 - 1800 Daily

Telephone: +6011 3344 6764 (Arun)

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