Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Zul Mee Kari @ Hulu Bernam, Selangor

Having been tired of the usual eating spots in town, this evening I decided to venture into the Ulu Bernam R&R Rest Area that's located along the North - South Expressway, just off Tanjung Malim, Perak. Of course, I did not have to use the highway to get here. Instead, I used the service road  from Tanjung Malim via an Oil Palm estate to get to this place. This is the very same road that the stall operator's use. The reason for this is to try the famous Zul Mee Kari. This place is officially called Hentian Sebelah Ulu Bernam, just before the exit heading into Tanjung Malim town.

Stall No. 6 At The Rest Area

The Service Entrance

Hentian Sebelah Ulu Bernam

Quite A Number Of Good Food Options Here

Some Charging Their Mobile Phones

The Girl Preparing My Orders
Zul Mee Kari is owned by one of the local boys and his Mee Kari and Soup is extremely famous. I wonder why he has not opened a restaurant in town itself. Perhaps, his business from this rest area is already more than sufficient for him. His stall is right in the middle and it is stall number 6. Besides this stall, there are quite a number of other good food options here too. I shall be posting more of my favourites from this place soon. After all, they are food from Tanjung Malim too. Coming back to the evening, I managed to get a place to park at the service entrance and walked up to this stall. The place was just buzzing with people. Motorists doing a pit stop for food and also to ease themselves. Despite being crowded, there were ample of seating spaces. One of the reasons was simply because I came at a non peak hour. If I would have been here 30 minutes later, then this place would have been swarming. I then walked up to the stall, placed my orders, paid for them, collected the dishes and walked up to a nearby table that was vacant. 

Mee Kari @ RM 5.00

Mee Kari @ RM 5.00

Fish Balls, Fuchok, Fish Paste

Fried Stuffed Brinjals

Thick And Delicious Curry

Half An Half Boiled Egg Too
It was weirdly priced at RM 4.77 and this was simply because it is rounded up to RM 5.00 once the taxes have been included. It is nice of him to have absorbed the taxes himself and not to burden his customers. The portion was decent and it came with loads of extras like Fish Balls, Fish Paste, Fuchok, Fried Stuffed Brinjals, Hard Boiled Eggs etc. Of course, these were not full pieces but half cuts of each which in itself was good as it gives the diner a sense of having had all these in bowl of noodles. Once again, you could choose between Mee and Mee Hoon and I went for the previous. The curry was thick, creamy and delicious. A true treat to any Curry Mee lover. I just loved the preparation and wouldn't mind having another bowl of the same. My rating for this shall be 9.5/10 . 

Chicken Soup @ RM 5.00

Chicken Soup @ RM 5.00

A Full Roasted Chicken Thigh

Loved The Roasted Chicken

Excellent Soup
This is another must try dish here. You could choose to have the soup with Roasted Chicken or Beef. Being a non beef eater, I went for the one with Roasted Chicken. The soup was extremely delicious and they had added a full thigh piece of chicken into the soup. Huge portion and will be good for those who are looking for a lighter meal or something to snack. The soup itself was medium bodied with loads of spices and it was just superb! The Roasted Chicken was another treat. I would rate this at 9/10 . Very good indeed!

Spicy Bird Eye Chili in Thick Soy Sauce

Spicy Bird Eye Chili in Thick Soy Sauce
If you're in for something extremely spicy, then do ask them for this chili in thick soy sauce. No joke, it is mega spicy. This is actually diced bird eye chilies that have been soaked in thick soy sauce for a prolonged period of time. It may seem ordinary but it's highly potent. A very slight amount is good to kick your system upside down. Initially I too underestimated this and just licked a slightly large amount and my system was on fire. Extra ordinary! I would rate this at 10/10 .

If you happen to use this route south bound, then do make a stop here and give this stall a try. Excellent food at reasonable prices. Truly one of Tanjung Malim's pride!

Address: Stall No.6, Hentian Sebelah Ulu Bernam, North - South Expressway,
                35900 Hulu Bernam, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 24 Hours Daily

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