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Restoran Ayam Kampung @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Another restaurant that has opened it's business in Taman Universiti in the recent months is this Restoran Ayam Kampung. This restaurant is located on the far end of the road facing row of shops and is easily visible from the main road. I usually pass this way quite late in the evenings and always observe them to be closed fairly early. Since it is the holiday season, I decided to head here for lunch today. 

Restoran Ayam Kampung In Taman Universiti

Simple Interior

Simple Interior

Outdoor Tables Are Available Too
I had planned on coming here around lunch but somehow, things got delayed and I only managed to land here sometime around 4 pm. Even at that time, they had a number of tables that were occupied and all these were 'meal eating' customers and not those that were just sitting here chit chatting while having a drink. The restaurant had a very simple design, not one of those grand looking places. Both indoor and outdoor seating were available. Despite the weather being hot, I decided to sit outside as there were ceiling fans that kept the place cool.

The Menu On The Wall

The Menu On The Wall
The waiters here were very efficient but they serve customers without a smile on their face. Not only the guy that served me but also everyone else in the restaurant did not smile even when one smiles at them. What a weird practice. When I was there, I was attended to by a guy and he too was absolutely the same. Just came up to my table and asked me what I would like to eat. I asked if they had a menu and he pointed to the wall. Then he mentioned that they only had Set A remaining as all the others were sold out. Just that, beyond that, not a word came out of him. I could not even peek clearly to see what Set A was as it was a little far and I had to walk closer and observe what it was as he didn't seem like wanting to reveal any more information on the Set. I then returned to my table and told him that I shall go ahead with Set A and then also mentioned my drink. With that, he just walked off. Well, I am okay with this as long as no one is rude and the food is good. With that, I continued to just wait for the food to arrive. 

Teh O Ice @ RM 1.60
Their Teh O Ice was served very fast. The drink was well prepared and mildly sweet, just the way I prefer it. Prices were slightly on the high side for a restaurant like this but I was fine with it. I would rate the drinks at 8/10 .

Set A @ RM 7.50
Their Set A, priced at RM 7.50 comes with some White Rice, some diced Cabbage & Long Beans, a decent sized Fried Kampung Chicken, a bowl of Chicken Gravy and a small concoction of Onions, Chilies and Sweet Soy Sauce. 


Kampung Fried Chicken
They do not fry their Kampung Chicken earlier and only do it when there is a request which is a fantastic practice. My piece of chicken was decently huge, hot and extremely delicious. The spice coating too were perfect. I really loved their Fried Kampung Chicken and it was so tender and literally fat free. A perfect Fried Chicken and I would rate this at 9.4/10 . I wouldn't mind having another one of this with today's lunch. 

Diced Cabbage & Long Beans
Well, as this is a typical Malay dish, this is a common sides that is served at most Malay restaurants. The only setback with this would be that they did not provide the Sambal Belacan to go with this. If only that would have been provided, then this would have been better; that;s just my personal preference. Nevertheless, they were fresh and good. 

Chicken Gravy
Their Chicken Gravy was just an average tasting dish, very oily and could have been anytime better. I just had this as I needed some curry to go along with the rice. I would only rate this at 5/10 .

Lime, Chilies and Pickled Vegetables in Sweet Soy Sauce
This was a good accompaniment and went well with the rice. Another common sides found in most Malay homes. I would rate this at 9/10 .

Overall, I was very happy with my Fried Kampung Chicken as it was marvelous. Everything else were just ordinary to me. Nothing fantastic otherwise including their sour faces. Service was super fast though. I do wish that I tried more of their dishes this afternoon but it was unfortunate that I was late to arrive. Business must surely be good and I am sure that most customers come here predominantly for their chicken and I would be definitely surprised to be wrong with this prediction. Prices too were slightly on the high side and could have been cheaper despite the fact that I understand that Kampung Chicken is more expensive. A place that one could try every now and then.

Address: No. 51, Jalan U1, Taman Universiti,
                35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0800 - 1800 Daily

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