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Restoran ChickenLah! @ Taman Bukit Emas, Petaling Jaya

ChickenLAH! is the latest fast food outlet that has opened it's doors in Taman Bukit Emas, Petaling Jaya which is a mere 50 meters walk from the Kelana Jaya LRT Station, just a few doors away from the old Marco's Pizza. I had bookmarked this place from their Facebook advertisements as their Fried Chicken looked good and as I had some work in Petaling Jaya this afternoon, I planned to drop by for lunch before heading on to settle my work. Driving to this part of town on a Saturday afternoon would be crazy and the most convenient mode of transport would be to ride on the LRT which is what I did. 

ChickenLAH! in Taman Bukit Emas

Next To Maybank

Entrance To The Restaurant

Opening Hours
This restaurant was very easily noticeable from the main road. From afar, I saw two logos, one which belonged to ChickenLah! and the other that belonged to the old Winner's Fried Chicken which originated from Ipoh, Perak. Feeling confused, I kept walking towards the restaurant. When I arrived, it was just about 1 pm and the place had a decent number of customers. There were also some ongoing promotions as the place was still new. For a limited time, they were offering a 10% discount across all their food items. At this point, I still did not get any clarification as to why Winner's logo was there but still decided to head in to the restaurant. 

Interior Of The Restaurant


Interior Of The Restaurant

Brief Background

Brief Background

Brief Background
Only when I was inside, did I understand the connection between the two. It is the same old Winner's Fried Chicken that has been re-branded to ChickenLAH! Those days, one could find Winner's Fried Chicken stalls at most Pasar Malam's in Perak, mostly around the northern region of the state and I was happy to see a local grown brand  develop this far into a franchise and I hope that it becomes a very successful one. At the counter, the staffs seemed very enthusiastic but also showed clear signs of lack of experience. Most of the food items had to be prepared and there was a waiting time for customers once they had paid for the food items. Nevertheless, despite the stress that they were going through, they were serving customers with a smile.

My Bill
Their Menu was quite interesting. It consisted of Fried Chicken, some Chicken Burgers, Chicken Rice Sets, interestingly Keropok Lekor and the highlight was Goats Milk Coffee. Since I came here for Fried Chicken which is anyway their main product, I decided to stick with it. Interestingly, all and I mean all the other customers that were here ordered their Chicken Rice Sets which came with Rice, Fried Chicken and a clear Soup.Their burgers too seemed interesting, especially the Sambal Ikan Bilis one which is a burger that we would not find in other franchises in the country. The total bill for my orders came to RM 9.90 and with the 10% discount, it was adjusted to RM 8.90 . After having paid for the bill, I was served my drink and told to have a seat as they needed time to prepare the Fries and Fried Chicken. Since I was in no hurry, I moved to my table with a smile on my face. I felt sorry for them too as they were trying their best to cope with the crowd.

2 Piece Chicken Set with Fries and Drinks @ RM 8.90
After a brief 10 minutes wait, they sent over my Fries and Fried Chicken. The Fried Chicken looked so good, nothing like the junk that one is served at KFC. Now, time to get my fingers to do the job. Do note that they do not have any utensils here like knives and fork. What they have is just the usual disposable plastic fork and spoons which I have a special talent of breaking them in a matter of seconds. And so to save myself the embarrassment, I'd rather stick with my fingers.

Fanta Strawberry
They had a selection of four or five drinks. Initially I had wanted to go for Coca Cola but they were out of stock and my second choice was the above Fanta Strawberry. For an additional RM 1.00 , one could top up and go for large but I just decided to stick with this. 

Fried Chicken

Fried Chicken

Kimball Sauce
Their Fried Chicken were freshly fried and they were served hot. One was a smaller Wing and the other was a large chunk of meat. The batter coating was very delicious and the chicken was lean meat with no fat at all. Very much the total opposite of KFC which serves us 60% fat and 40% meat. This was 100% meat with non a single drop of fat. And the chicken tasted so good and this is exactly what one calls finger licking good. I did not need any sauce to go with it as the chicken was delicious even on it's own, something that I am not able to do at KFC. I would rate their Fried Chicken at 9/10 . Definitely highly recommended!

French Fries
Their French Fries were good but the one served at Mc Donalds is anytime better. These were non greasy, which is good but did not taste that great. I would rate these at 7.5/10 .

On the whole, I am extremely happy with their Fried Chicken and the service here. Prices are industry standards and there's nothing much to shout about it. I would definitely return again someday in the future to try their Burgers and would not mind trying their Chicken again. A good restaurant and I wish them all the best!

Address: No.97, Jalan SS 25/2, Taman Bukit Emas, Off Taman Mayang,
                Kelana Jaya, 47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1030 - 2200 Daily



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