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Restoran Ga Onn @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Restaurant Ga Onn used to be one of the restaurants that we used to frequent on a weekly basis, if not daily for almost a decade until a couple of months back, when the quality started dropping and the prices seemed to be going up. It was the same the last trip that we were here which was sometime in November 2014. Recently we have been trying out a number of the other restaurant's in Tanjung Malim which I am sure you have seen if you have been following my blogs and as a result, have learned of more Chinese Restaurants in town. Today, we decided to come back here and to see if the food has improved. Just trying our luck as the owner and I are good friends. I always believe in giving restaurant operators a second chance as anything could have gone wrong on a single day or even for a period of time and there's lot's of factors that could play a part in contributing towards this. Anyway, this aside, lets get in to what transpired earlier today at the restaurant. 

Restaurant Ga Onn in Taman Anggerik Desa

Interior Of The Restaurant

Interior Of The Restaurant
This afternoon, the restaurant was not too crowded despite us being there at around 2.00 pm. The rain must be playing a part in this. Anyway, today the lady boss herself attended to us. We then got into ordering the dishes and that was when she mentioned that they would be opened throughout the Chinese New Year holidays as well. Most of her staffs took advanced leave and we were glad to hear that the husband, which is my friend, would be doing the cooking today. When the boss cooks, the food is seriously good!

Chinese Tea @ RM 0.50

Cutlery In Hot Water

Diced Garlic
Within minutes, the drinks and the cutlery were served at our table. Since it wasn't as crowded, the focus was on us which was a good attention to have.

Kangkung Belacan @ RM 8.00

Kangkung Belacan @ RM 8.00
Though it may seem like a little, it was a heap of spinach and when it was spread over the plate, it very much covered most of the plate and I was happy with the portion. Definitely more than what we used to get in the months before this. Taste wise, it was quite good too. Back to what it used to taste those days. I would rate this at 9/10 . Glad that the food is back to what it was. 

Mantis Prawns with Salted Eggs @ RM 15.00

Mantis Prawns with Salted Eggs @ RM 15.00
The next dish that arrived was the Mantis Prawns which were deep fried and served with mashed Salted Eggs. The portion was good, much better than before and the prices were reasonable too. Taste was definitely better today. Definitely due to the chef's personal touch! I would rate this at 8.5/10 .

Stir Fried Fish Paste (Yee Huat) with Sliced Ginger @ RM 18.00

Stir Fried Fish Paste (Yee Huat) with Sliced Ginger @ RM 18.00
This Fish Paste is the homemade variety. I love the Fish Paste here at this restaurant as their preparation is quite fresh, thus making the fish paste soft and sweet tasting. The overall dish was well prepared and the taste of the ginger emanated well from the entire dish. A good preparation and I would rate this at 8.9/10 .

Deep Fried Senangin Fish and served with Vinegar and Soy Sauce @ RM 22.00

Deep Fried Senangin Fish and served with Vinegar and Soy Sauce @ RM 22.00

Deep Fried Senangin Fish and served with Vinegar and Soy Sauce @ RM 22.00
This is one of my brother's favourite dishes. The Senangin Fish was deep fried to perfection and it was served with vinegar and some soy sauce. The fish was perfect and the bones were chewy and brittle, just the way that it should be. The concoction of vinegar and soy sauce went well with the fish. A good dish at a very reasonable price. I would rate this at 9.3/10 .

Bitter Gourd Soup @ RM 10.00

Bitter Gourd Soup @ RM 10.00
This is one of my favourite soup's and this would be the first time that we are trying this dish here. I first tried this soup at a restaurant in Batu Pahat, Johor and immediately fell in love with the dish. The preparation here was good but it was not as good as the one that I tasted in Johor. The portion was decent and fitted four small bowls to the brim. For the price of RM 10.00, I think that the quality was very much acceptable. I would rate this at 8/10 .

Our Bill For The Day
After a long time, I am very happy that we had a good meal at this restaurant. Glad that it is back to the old days and I hope that this would continue and remain for many more days and months to come. Excellent food at reasonable prices and a personalised attention. Is there anything else that I can ask for in a restaurant?!!! Well done my friend and keep up the great work!

Address: No. 10, Jalan Cahaya, Taman Anggerik Desa,
                35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1130 - 1500 and 1800 - 2300

Telephone: +605 458 2323

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