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Chief Tomyam Seafood Restaurant @ Damansara Damai, Petaling Jaya

Chief Tomyam Seafood Restaurant has been around for a  number of years now in Damansara Damai. In fact, it is one of the earliest restaurants to open here. I still remember when they did their opening ceremony, the Selangor Menteri Besar then was their guest of honour. Having had a great deal of exposure from the media in the form of various write ups, this restaurant has stood the test of time and is today very much sought after by many even from neighbouring localities. Having passed this way so many times, I have not once tried them out and therefore, decided to drop in today for dinner. 

Chief Tomyam Seafood @ Damansara Damai

Interior of the Restaurant
The restaurant has a nice decorative feeling to it but it is clear that they have not done any upkeep to the fixtures and fittings since opening. On one corner, you find photos of VIP's who have visited this restaurant along with framed newspaper write ups. All the workers here are Kelantanese but the owners don't quite look so. They seem more like locals from Kuala Lumpur. Unlike many of the Tom Yam restaurants, this restaurant has very bright lighting and almost every two tables has a ceiling fan for them and they have switched on all the fans keeping the restaurant cool and comfortable.

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu
Their menu is very impressive, both in offerings as well as design. All their menu books are printed in hard covers which surely is a huge cost. Besides the usual Thai food, they also offer Western food, Ikan Bakar as well as Nasi Ayam. They also have sets besides the Ala Carte items as you could see from the above photographs which is value for money if you dine in larger groups. It is very much suitable for a minimum of 2 pax onwards. As I am alone today, decided to go Ala Carte. 

Kopi Tongkat Ali @ RM 2.50
It's been a long time since I had this Kopi Tongkat Ali. Here it is priced at RM 2.50 and they use the standard sachets which is what every other restaurant uses as well. Here they may have made it slightly diluted as it didn't have it's usual strong aroma. I would rate the above at 7/10 .

White Rice @ RM 0.30

Vegetables & Chili Paste for starters
The White Rice here is very cheap. Per plate was only RM 0.30 . Usually, it is never less than RM 1. The vegetables with Chili paste was on the house. As always, the chili paste was super spicy and I always try to avoid having too much of this item.

Kangkung Belacan @ RM 4.00
All their Ala Carte dishes comes in a very small portion and is usually good for one only. Their Kangkung Belacan was just okay. It lacked the belacan taste and had more sauces as the base taste which was not up to my expectations. Also the Kangkung itself was rather limited. There were more stems than the leaves and it would have been better if it was the other way around. I would rate this dish at 6.5/10 .

Ayam Masak Kicap @ RM 4.00
The Ayam Masak Kicap was slightly better than the previous dish. It had loads of onions, carrots, baby corn and slices of chicken. This style was slightly on the sweet side but it also had a slight spiciness to it. Could have been made better if it was slightly dry. I would rate this dish at 7/10 .

Sotong Goreng Gajus @ RM 5.50
Sotong Goreng Gajus is a rare dish that is not commonly found in other Tom Yam restaurants. This dish was very well prepared. The Sotong was still soft and not overcooked. The gravy was delicious and along with the cashew, it made the dish stand out. Very well prepared and I would rate this at 9/10 .

Tom Yam Ayam @ RM 5.00
The Tom Yam Soup was prepared in accordance to the South Thailand style where it is red in colour and has a spicy and sour taste to it. Here they had prepared it excellently and I must confess that it was very good. Nothing to comment about this dish. I would rate it at 9.8/10 .

Overall, this place serves some decent food at very reasonable prices. The earlier dishes that I had were very average but the last two dishes were very good. I guess it boils down to the individual dish and you cannot expect a blanket standard across all it's dishes and it is a matter of luck which of those that you order.  I did see a number of customers ordering the Western dishes and they seemed to be quite appetising too. Perhaps should make a trip to try those the next time. 

Address: C003A, Vista Shop,  Jalan PJU 10/3D, Damansara Damai,
                47830 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Telephone: +6016 503 9977

Opening Hours: 1500 - 0200 Daily

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