Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Nemo Cafe @ Mont Kiara, Kuala Lumpur

Located in Plaza Mont Kiara is a restaurant called Nemo Cafe that needs no further introduction to most Mont Kiara residents. This restaurant specialises in Fish & Chips. Although it is just across the road from my office, I have passed this way probably a few hundred times and every time I pass through, especially during lunch hours, they are mostly full and I never had the patience to wait in line for a table. After a friend of mine went over yesterday and was repeatedly saying how good the food was, I decided that I must head there for lunch today. 

Nemo Cafe at Plaza Mont Kiara

Interior of the restaurant
It is fairly easy to locate this restaurant. It is located right behind the Mc Donalds in Plaza Mont Kiara and as you pass this restaurant, you would notice that they just occupy a small lot space and that most of the tables are sprawled outside over to the courtyard area. I wonder what they would do on a rainy day. Even when I was here today at 12.30, they were full house as you can see from the above photo and lucky me, there was just a small table for two that was just being vacated as I arrived. I immediately grabbed my seat at that table. Most of their staffs were working in the kitchen and they only had two other guys, manning the floor and they were super efficient. It seems that you would need to walk up to the counter and scan through the menu and place your orders, pay for them and then head back to your table with a number that has been allocated for your orders.

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

Breakfast Menu
Having walked up to the counter and scanned through their menu, I must admit that they have a rather sexy menu with very attractive names to the dishes. My order was fairly straight forward. I went for the Battered Dory, Handcut Fat Chips and a Lemonade. I don't think I would have anymore space to try the others. They even had some selective catch of the day which seemed on the high side to me but I was just okay with what I had ordered. The breakfast menu is another recent addition and seems to be doing very well according to the captain. 

Lemonade @ RM 6.00
The drinks arrived in about 10 minutes. The above Lemonade is one of their house specials. I was recommended to try this drink by my friend and I simply adhered to it. Well, the very first sip I had of this drink, it took me to another plane of excitement. Their Lemonade was simply fantastic and I have not tried anything better than this. I would say that this is the best that I have tried even when compared to anything freshly made or off the bottle. Absolutely fantastic. The flavours were really strong and it gives an immediate refreshed feeling. I would rate this at 10/10 .

The Packaging of the Dory

Battered Dory @ RM 9.50
Among the Fish & Chips offered here, this is the simplest dish and the way they serve it, reminds me of having Fish & Chips in Australia. It is wrapped in a paper packaging, you open it up and have it. Fairly convenient as a dine in or take away. For all their Fish & Chips, you have a choice of either having it battered or grilled and I chose for it to be battered. Well, surely there is no chips in this one as I went for the most basic of dishes. You could always upgrade or chose the one that comes with chips. For the price, I feel that the portion of the fish was relatively big and though I am a reasonably good eater, I could only finish half of it. As always, this dish comes with a slice of lemon for you to squeeze on. The fish, was perfectly done. It did not have any stale oil taste to it, the outer layer being crisp and on the inside it was soft and juicy, just the way it should be. Judging based on the Fish & Chips that I have had in and around the South East Asian region, this is surely one of the best ones I have tried. Obviously it is not to be compared with what you get in the UK or Australia as there, this is their native food and here, it is a different cuisine altogether. According to the regional standards, I would rate this at 10/10 .

Handcut Fat Chips @ RM 7.90
The above Handcut Fat Chips is another one of their house specialties and is available by limited quantity daily. Usually, by around 2 pm, it is sold out. I am not sure why they limit this as it is a really fast selling item but perhaps that is part of their marketing strategy. Again, this was an excellent dish. The Chips is fried along with the skin and the potato is very soft and slightly meshed on the inside. I guess that is why they keep the skin intact as that is the one that keeps the cuts in shape. They were lightly salted and you have this in an option to top it up with cheese. I thoroughly enjoyed these and found them to be really good. This again is another must try item here and I would rate them at 10/10 .

From the dishes that I have tried today, I have had no negative comments to speak off as they had all been perfect. I have heard that their sandwiches and chicken chop is quite good too but would perhaps try them on another visit. Compared to the Fish & Chips chains found in malls, this is a much better place where you get good food at a comparatively cheaper price. Definitely comes highly recommended!

Address: D-G-05, Plaza Mont Kiara, No. 2, Jalan Kiara, 
                Mont Kiara, 50480 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Telephone: +603 6206 3330

Opening Hours: Mon - Fri  0900 - 2200
                            Sat, Sun & Public Holidays   0930 - 1800

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