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Kafe Hot Fried Chicken @ Damansara Damai, Petaling Jaya

Having just started their business a month ago, Kafe Hot Fried Chicken has already started drawing a decent amount of crowd. Being one of the latest entries to Damansara Damai's eating scene, this shop-let is located in Seasons Square which is just opposite the Shell Station along Jalan PJU 10/3.  I happened to drive past this place today and came across this new eatery. Being a fan of fried chicken, it was surely a must try place for me. 

Kafe Hot Fried Chicken in Damansara Damai

Fried Chicken on display

The Interior of the Restaurant
It was a rather quiet afternoon for them. As I walked into the restaurant, I became a little worried as there was no one else there besides the owners. I struck a conversation with the owner and he informed me that lunches are rather quiet and his main business happens at night. That's why even most of his tables were not put out and were still stacked up. Along that conversation, I learned that he usually prepares just a few pieces of the fried chicken for those office goers who work in the same building but come evening, it is usually full house. Besides that, he also serves Honey Chicken, Roti Canai with special Fish Curry as well as Nasi Lemak. I heard that his best sellers are the Fried Chicken, Honey Chicken and Nasi Lemak. Even at this hour, the little bit of Honey Chicken that was prepared had already been sold out. His Fried Chicken is also made using his own recipe and he does not use any of those off the shelf flours for the coating. Having been convinced, I took a seat and started glancing the menu.

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu

The Menu
His menu was quite simple. Basically, those were the main dishes sold here and he has put together some sets for the Fried Chicken which comes with Coleslaw, Mashed Potato and Fries. On it's own, a single piece of Fried Chicken is sold at RM 2.50 which is very reasonable and his pieces were slightly larger that what you would get in KFC or Mc Donalds. After having gone through the menu, I finally placed my order for the 2 piece Fried Chicken Set , adding another piece to it and a drink. Here you could go up to the counter and choose your preferred piece. There is no specific type of parts that must go in a particular set. For instance, if you prefer drumstick, you could have all drumstick or if you had preferred wings and breast, that is exactly what you could have and it's entirely the customers choice. 

Nescafe @ RM 1.60
The drink came quite fast. I had the above Nescafe which came at RM 1.60 . The coffee was just alright. I found it to be too light and a little too sweet. I would rate this coffee at 6/10 .

Set 1 @ RM 7.00 + RM 2.50 for the extra piece of chicken
After about 15 minutes, my meal arrives. It took him a while as the fries, mashed potato and coleslaw is made to order and nothing is precooked. First the coleslaw. Whenever I go to KFC, I never touch the coleslaw as I find it to be really bad. Here, I finished the coleslaw. I found the vegetable to be much more crispy and fresh unlike what we get in KFC. The entire preparation of the coleslaw too was much better and it was delicious. Comparing KFC and this guys preparation, it was worlds apart and I would rate his coleslaw at 9/10 . 

Secondly, I had the French Fries. This was just okay and you could get much better ones elsewhere although it was definitely not bad. The fries were well done but I just did not like the shoe string cuts. It was just too thin. Perhaps crinkle cuts would have been better. I would rate it at 6.5/10 .

Next the Mashed Potato. Although it looks a little average, the taste was very good. I too had that same impression before tasting it as it looked rather ordinary to me but once I had tasted it, I was hoping that I could order for more once I had finished the chicken. The Mashed Potato was prepared very well and he had thoroughly impressed me. I would rate his Mashed Potato at 9.5/10 . In KFC, you get the taste of preservatives but here, it was all natural and it had loads of fresh milk in it which boosted the taste.

Finally, trying out the chicken. I must confess that the chicken prepared here is much healthier. There was very little or no fat in the meat. Can you remember that when we cut some parts of the chicken in KFC, there would be chunks of fat attached to it? You would find none of that here. It was lean meat. The coating was also fantastic and it did not give me a MSG aftertaste to it. The skin was crispy and the marination had seeped in well to the tender chicken meat. Although I am a fan of KFC, I am always not able to eat more than two pieces as I tend to get put off by the taste after two pieces and here, I did not have any of those even after eating the three pieces that I had ordered. This Hot Fried Chicken would surely beat KFC anytime. I would rate this Fried Chicken at 10/10 .

Being located in quaint little location like Damansara Damai, I am sure that besides the locals, not many people would be aware of the good food available here and that is why I am blogging about this place. If you are truly a Fried Chicken lover, then you must try out this place and I am reasonably sure that you would like it, if not love it. 

Address: No. 163, Season Square Retail, Jalan PJU 10/3C, Damansara Damai,
                47830 Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1030 - 2300 Daily
                            Closed on Sundays

Telephone: Zahari - +6016 995 9540
                    Aai - +6012 3545 180


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