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Five Star Curry House @ Bandar Puteri, Puchong

Having tried the famous Ratha Curry House and Akka's Food Corner in Bandar Puteri, I wanted to try out another new place here. As I was going around in circles exploring the area, I discovered this restaurant called Five Star Curry House which was located in a quiet corner of Bandar Puteri. This must be one of those hidden restaurants as I have not seen much of it on the Internet. Happy that I found a new place to try out, I then started looking for a place to park my car in this very busy street and fortunately, found a bay not too far from this place. This restaurant is located along Jalan Puteri 5/8, right at the end of the row of shops and they occupy a corner unit. 

Five Star Curry House Located Along Jalan Puteri 5/8

Average Day To Day Indian Restaurant

Standard Decor

Curries Station On The Right
This restaurant had the look and feel of a typical Malaysian Indian restaurant. The place was a standard restaurant, with a very basic set up and it was quite clean. The place surely seemed a little old and probably this restaurant has been here for some time now. I checked with the waiter what was available and he informed me that pretty much, only the rice and curries were available at this hour. They have an option of either going for the plate or Banana Leaf Meals. I was quite full from a heavy breakfast earlier and hence opted to go for the plate. For the plate, it was quite simple as I had to only walk over to the curries station and select the dishes from there based on what I would like to eat and what's available for the day. I then ordered my drinks and decided to sit a while as I was quite tired from the long drive through hectic traffic earlier. 

Teh O Ice @ RM 1.60
My drink arrived quite fast. The Teh O Ice was nice and it was priced at RM 1.60 . The norms in KL would be around RM 1.30 and this 30 cents premium must be due to the locality. Still within acceptable levels though. As for the Teh O Ice, I would rate this at 7/10....just an above average rating. Having sipped my drink and rested briefly, I decided to head over to the curries counter to check what was still available. 

Vegetarian Dishes....Mostly Sold Out

Non Vegetarian Dishes....mostly sold out too

Fried Items Were Still Available
It was entirely my fault as I arrived late, sometime around 2.30 pm and for most of the dishes to be sold out, the food here must be really good. That is a good sign but it's just sad that I have limited choices to taste. Perhaps, this could also be  the 'not so good' dishes being left over. I would only know once I try them. I then chose a number of items and headed back to my table. They have both White Rice and Par Boil Rice here and I went for their Par Boil Rice. 

My Lunch @ RM 9.00

Closer Look At The Dishes
The waiter then followed me back to my table, inspected the items that I have taken and then wrote me a bill for RM 9.00 . My view would be that the price is quite reasonable. I had White Rice, Fish Curry, Snake Gourd Perattal, Mutton Varuval and a slice of Fried Fish. RM 9.00 for this entire lot is definite a reasonable price. 

Fish Curry
Their Fish Curry was definitely fantastic, one of the best ones that I have tried in the Klang Valley. Super delicious stuff and I loved the fact that they had used quite a bit of Garlic and Onions in the curry. My rating for this shall be 9.3/10 . One hell of a curry!

Snake Gourd Perattal
Their Snake Gourd Perattal was just so so, in fact it was very average tasting. Something that I would just say as 'can do' only. The vegetable was overcooked too and it lacked Ghee and some other key ingredients, making it taste quite bland. I would only rate this at 5/10 . 

Mutton Varuval

Mutton Varuval
Their Mutton Varuval however was quite nice. Made mildly spicy and with a lot of potato's, it was a delight! These were lean chunks of mutton and they were boneless cuts. A delicious preparation and I would rate this at 8.8/10 .

Fried Fish
As for the Fried Fish, they had at least three to four different varieties of Fish available and I chose the above Fried Tenggiri Fish. The size was quite huge and that is why I placed the fork beside the fish to give a comparison in size. The Fish was fried to a golden brown perfection. The marination was superb and I enjoyed this very much. These are not the thick cuts but the thin long cuts. I do know of some friends who very much like the thick cuts like what you get at Mathai's, but these are just the opposite. For those people, this would not be one that you would enjoy. But for those who like the thin crispy cuts, this would be the one for you guys. As for me, I enjoy both varieties and I would rate this at 9/10 .

The Bill
Overall, I enjoyed my meal very much even though the variety was limited as it had been mostly sold out. I am sure that the other dishes would have been great tasting too. If I am in this area, I would definitely return here again. The food was good, prices are very reasonable and the service was excellent. Definitely a recommended restaurant. 

Address: No. 2A, Jalan Puteri 5/8, Bandar Puteri,
                47100 Puchong, Selangor, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0700 - 2200 Daily

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