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Restoran Garam Masala @ Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

Garam Masala is a rather new restaurant in Brickfields, located along Jalan Tun Sambanthan and is just a few doors away from Brickfields Asia College. They have taken over the place from the previous operator's which was Moorthy's Mathai who have relocated their restaurant to Pelangi Damansara. Having passed this place numerous times, I have always noticed that it is usually crowded for breakfast and lunch but rather quiet  after that. They must be doing something good to attract such a huge crowd for lunch. Curious, I decided to drop by this afternoon.

The Restaurant In Brickfields

Tender Coconuts Are Available Too

Very Simple Layout

Very Simple Layout
I believe that they may have taken over this place and commenced business without doing any renovations. The layout was simple and the interior was just the same as when Mathai's was here. In fact, the wordings Moorthy's Mathai is still seen at the entrance. They must have just changed the signboard at the entrance and not done anything else. The place is a family owned enterprise and this is clearly noticeable. The place itself was moderately clean and is suitable for a quick meal. When I was here this afternoon, there were quite a bit of working adults but the majority of their customers were Brickfields Asia College students. 

Teh O Ice @ RM 1.50
The food station was quite crowded when I arrived and so I decided on taking a seat and ordering my drinks first. I ordered a glass of Teh O Ice and this was priced at RM 1.50 . Pretty standard in this part of town and the Tea was quite good. I would rate their Teh O Ice at 9/10 .

Food Station
Once it was a little clear, I went over to the food station to check the curries. Here, both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes were separated and what you see above is their non vegetarian dishes only. This was located along the left side wall of the restaurant and the vegetarian dishes were located along the right side wall of the restaurant. The variety was good and the food seemed quite appetising. I am not sure if they serve Banana Leaf Meals as I did not sight anyone having that. Everyone seemed to be having their meals on a plate and since I was not in the mood for Banana Leaf lunch, I decided to just skip enquiring about that and proceed with my meals on a plate. Having collected my dishes, I returned to my table. 

My Lunch Priced at RM 5.50

A Closer Look At My Lunch
I had some White Rice, Mutton Gravy, Mutton Perattal, Potato's, Prawn Sambal and Rasam and the entire lot was priced at RM 5.50 . I was so surprised when I saw the bill. That was like so cheap! It is impossible to get the similar variety for that same price anywhere in Brickfields and what more in Kuala Lumpur. A simple meal with Mutton would cost somewhere around RM 6 plus and the moment one add's prawns, that would go beyond RM 10.00 . Amazingly cheap! Now I realise why they have such a good crowd for lunch daily!

Mutton Gravy
Their Mutton Gravy was very good. As you can see from the above photograph, it was rich with spices and tasted lovingly good. Being a mutton fan, I was amused by their curry. I would rate this at 9/10 .

Potato Perattal
Another excellent preparation. Their Potato Perattal was very good, the potato's were soft, cut into the right size and cooked with diced onions and spices. Truly loved it and it went so well with the rice. I would rate this at 9.5/10 .

Mutton Perattal
This again was good. Right cut sizes, perfect blend of spices and served in a thick gravy. The only setback with this dish was that the meat was slightly on the hard side. Boiling it prior to cooking would have made it even better. Nevertheless, a good preparation and I would rate this at 8/10 .

Prawn Sambal
This was awesome! Medium sized Prawns were cooked with onions and served in a super spicy Sambal. The Prawns were juicy and tasty. Though the Prawns were not skinned off, the Sambal had distributed itself well and thoroughly mixed with the meat. An excellent dish and I just loved it! I would rate this at 9/10 .

Their Rasam was quite nice too but it was not one that was mind blowing. Just another good Rasam it was and I would rate this at 8/10 .

The Bill
Overall, it was an awesome lunch for me. The spread was good, service was prompt, dishes were tasty and above all, they were so cheap. I was also told that they have Puttu and Pal Appam for breakfast. This is definitely a place that deserves greater mention. One that I would recommend for sure.

Address: No. 78, Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0700 - 2100 Daily

Telephone: +603 2272 1744 

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