Friday, 27 March 2015

Tamil Food Stall at Restaurant Food Centre @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Food Centre is a recently opened restaurant in Tanjung Malim, Perak. This place is only 10 days old and is located along Jalan loke Yew, right beside the OK Eyewear Opticals...which is along the same row as Bond Mega Pharmacy. This place belongs to a family friend and he has conceptualized the place to be a one stop center for multi racial cuisine. Currently, only two stalls are in operation and the rest are to start soon. I came to know about the existence of this place last Sunday and since I was in the area this afternoon, I decided on dropping by. 

Food Centre in Tanjung Malim

Located Beside The Opticals

Interior Of The Restaurant

The Tamil Food Stall Operators

He Is The Owner Of This Place
The owner plans on having a number of Chinese, Malay and Tamil stalls here and at present, the Tamil and Sarawak Kolo Mee Stalls are in operation. They start from breakfast and this goes on till around 6 in the evening. The Sarawak Kolo Mee stall closes slightly earlier at around 3 pm. The restaurant was very clean and most of the staffs were Malays. Drinks were prepared by the Malay staffs too. I was here quite late for lunch this afternoon, somewhere around 4 pm and the only thing available at this hour were some Malay cakes and some Tamil food from the Tamil Food Stall. Being new, not many people knew about their existence and business seemed rather slow at the moment. I am hoping that at least via this blog, more people would be aware of this place and would start patronising this place. 

The Malay Girl Handles The Preparation of the Drinks

Teh O @ RM 1.20
Having taken my place, I then ordered a Teh O. The Malay girl prepared the drink and sent over to my table. The Teh O was light but it tasted quite good and the price was very reasonable. I would rate this drink at 8.3/10 .

The Tamil Food Stall

The Tamil Food Stall
Variety was very limited and food were being kept in Tupperwares. I had a chat with her (the girl running the Tamil Food Stall) and she mentioned that since business was slow these days, she'd rather prepare limited items as at the end of the day, anything unsold get's wasted. She also mentioned that once the business picks up, she would then start preparing more food items and have them properly displayed. At the moment, being someone without any business background and experience,  she was just trying her best to make do with whatever they had and to keep the cash outlay minimal. When I looked at what was available, she had two different vegetables, some Fried Chicken, some Fried Fish, Chicken Sambal, Chicken Perattal, Chicken Curry, Mutton Perattal and Rasam. That seemed like a good start to me. For breakfast, they do Tosai, Idli, Roti Canai etc. and these are also available for Tea. I then picked up my lunch and returned to the table.

My Lunch @ RM 6.00

My Lunch @ RM 6.00
I went for some White Rice, Chicken Gravy, Long Beans Perattal, Mutton Perattal and some Rasam. She gave me a huge portion of everything because she wanted to clear as much food as possible. This lot cost me RM 6.00 which is a standard pricing across town and a reasonable one too. 

Chicken Gravy
The Chicken Gravy was nice, something on the lighter side of preparation and it tasted quite good. Seemed very much like home cooked food to me. Some may prefer the thicker version but for me, this was sufficiently good. I would rate their Chicken Curry at 7/10 .

Long Beans Perattal
This was very good! The Long Beans tasted very much like home cooked preparation and it was rich with ingredients, something that we usually do not see in restaurants. It was very evident that these people do not use any artificial flavouring as the flavours were all original, and not stereotype ones. An awesome dish and I loved it. I would rate this preparation at 9.5/10 . Very good indeed!

Mutton Perattal
Their Mutton Perattal was once again very good. The gravy was thick, delicious and the mutton was thoroughly cooked to just the right level and it was evident that they had boiled it first with ginger as that gingery taste was quite prevalent. The only setback with this dish was that the chunks were mostly bones and not much clean meat. I understand as they are trying to get the cheapest meat cuts for now as they are trying their best to get the ball rolling for them. I hope that this changes in future and they would be able to serve the right meat cuts. Otherwise, a fantastic preparation and I would rate this at 9.2/10 . Currently this rating is for the preparation and NOT for the meat cuts. 

This again was a good preparation, very much like home made taste. It may not be the best that I have tried, nevertheless it was good. The Rasam was prepared with less oil and it was rich with spices. I would rate this at 8.5/10 .

On the whole, the food was good. I liked the preparation style and the quality of the ingredients used. I do not mind paying slightly more for this kind of quality and healthy food. Definitely a place that I shall be patronising more often.

Address: Along Jalan Loke Yew, 35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0700 - 1800


  1. the mutton looks very good and the rasam too!

  2. the mutton looks really yummy and appetizing! I'm a fan of mutton!I'm glad u had a good time trying out their food and I'm sure they appreciate the support.

    1. You are? Me too! Well...thank you and I do hope that business picks up for them too....