Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Restoran S. Sukumaran @ SS 14, Subang Jaya

After having had a sumptuous lunch at Sharmila Curry House in Glenmarie, my culinary journey of Subang Jaya continues under the stewardship of my friend Mr. Velan and this time we landed at Restoran S. Sukumaran which is located in SS 14. The primary purpose of us coming here was to try out their Pal Appam's which I was told, is the best in Subang Jaya. When it comes to Indian cuisine, I would never question my friend's judgement and I am more than sure that I am in the right hands. 

Restoran S. Sukumaran located along Jalan SS 14/1

Guy Preparing Chapati's and Other Bread

One Section of The Restaurant

Interior Of The Restaurant
We arrived here at around 5.00 pm and the place still had a good turnout of customers', mostly busy having their tea time snacks. The restaurant had a very simple layout and the place was clean. There was a North Indian guy busy preparing Roti's and the other staffs were busy attending to their customers. 

Checking Out Their Curries
Although I knew that we would not be having rice, I was just curios to see what they had for the day. Most of their vegetarian items seemed to have been sold out but the meat dishes were sufficiently stocked. I am not sure if they cook once or twice daily as this restaurant operates 23 hours a day. All the dishes looked good though. 

Tea Time Snacks
I also had a peek at their Tea Time snacks and they were well stocked with these too. This was when I got the idea of taking away some food for my parents just before leaving as they too would enjoy these items which are very difficult to find in Tanjung Malim, which is where my parents live. I then informed one of the waiter's the list of items that I wanted him to pack. With that, I went in to the other section, which is an air conditioned dining hall and joined my friend who was already there waiting for me. 

Air Conditioned Dining Hall

Coca Cola Pet Bottle's
We were almost alone in this section as most customers preferred to sit on the other side. I believe that this section must be fully utilised during lunch hours. As it was a hot evening, I decided to go for some Coca Cola and it was interesting to see that they still have these pet bottles. When the drinks were served, we had requested the waiter to send in two Pal Appams as well and this was for us to have it here at the restaurant. We understood that it would take some time as all Pal Appams are made upon order and continued with our banter. 

Freshly Made Pal Appam

Delicious Stuff

The Milk
In a matter of minutes, the Pal Appam's were sent over to our table. The Appam's were relatively huge, or perhaps, I should say that it was just the right size. And true enough, it tasted really good and there was no need to add on any more milk. One of those Pal Appam's that were good to be eaten on it's own. Real delicious stuff and I would rate this at 9/10 . Having done with our meal, we then paid the bill which came to RM 14.00 including all the items below which I took away. I shall comment more on them below. 


I also took away three pieces of the above Puttu, just as per the photograph for us to have it for dinner along with my parents back home. Their Puttu was just okay, in fact it was above average only. Slightly on the dry side and would have been better if it was slightly moist and softer. I am not saying that it was not good but what I am trying to imply is that it did not have as great an impact like the Pal Appam. I would rate this at 7/10 only. 

Kelvaragu Idiyappam

Kelvaragu Idiyappam
Besides the Puttu, I also took away six pieces of their Kelvaragu Idiyappam. It is common to see Kelvaragu Puttu but these Kelvaragu Idiyappam's are hard to find these days and this is one of my Dad's favourites. The Kelvaragu Idiyappam was good, in fact very good. Just about the right thickness and the texture too was soft and good. One that we thoroughly enjoyed and I would rate this at 9/10 as well. 

Venthaya Kulambu

I Love Drumsticks!
For both the Puttu and Kelvaragu Idiyappam, I requested them to pack some Venthaya Kulambu. Their Venthaya Kulambu was awesome! It was very delicious and above all, they had added Drumsticks into the dish making it even more tasty. Slightly different recipe from the usual one that we have, in fact slightly different taste as well, nevertheless it was delicious. I would not mind having more Puttu and Idiyappam's just for this Venthaya Kulambu! My rating for this shall be 9.4/10 . A highly recommended dish!. 

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed the dishes from this restaurant. Their Pal Appam's, Kelvaragu Idiyappam and Venthaya Kulambu were all very good and although their Puttu was just above average, it was still nice. I feel that for the number of items that we had this evening, RM 14.00 is a very reasonable price and deep inside, I am thankful to my friend Mr. Velan for introducing me to another wonderful restaurant this evening. Definitely would return for more!

Address: No. 91, Jalan SS 14/1, SS 14, 47500 Subang Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia.

Telephone: +6016 311 2477

Opening Hours: 0600 - 0500 Daily. (Closed For 1 Hour For Cleaning Purposes)


  1. Venoth the hp no is not valid. Please provide an alternative number so I can call them .

    1. Hi Meng, my sincere apologies. I tried my best to trace their phone number but was not able to do so. It's been tough as I have been in Perak these days. Perhaps, I would try to see if I could try something through some of my friends in Subang Jaya. Doesn't seem to be listed on Yellow Pages too. Apologies once again and thanks for reaching out.

    2. Thanks bro love your blog

    3. You're most welcome Bro and thank you so much for following my blogs! :)