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Tanjung Malim Famous Wan Ton Noodles @ Tanjung Malim, Perak

Ask anyone from Tanjung Malim who has traveled vastly where the best Wan Ton Noodles is and they would always say that nothing beats the one from Tanjung Malim and it is indeed true and not an overstatement. This Chinese Auntie has been selling these noodles for the past 45 years. Those days their stall used to be by the side of Bunga Raya Barber Shop, after which they shifted to a number of locations around town. Today, this stall is located by the side of Maybank, Tanjung Malim, attached to Kedai Kopi Sun Sin Lee.

The Stall Next To Maybank Tanjung Malim

The Stall Next To Maybank Tanjung Malim

A Number Of Noodle Variety  Being Sold Here

Busy Preparing Customer's Orders
In the mornings, this stall is occupied by another vendor selling similar food items. This Auntie then sells above the present wet market on the first floor and come noon, she operates from here. It is not difficult to locate this stall. Come to Maybank, look at the far left end and you would notice this stall.

Outdoor Seating Area

Inside The Kedai Kopi Sun Sin Lee

Outdoor Seating Area

Their Workstation 
There is an indoor seating space as well as a covered outdoor seating area, both of which are quite comfortable. The Auntie prepares all the dishes herself and this includes the noodles used. Besides Kon Low Mee, she also sells Curry Mee and Soup Noodles. There are a number of add on's that one could choose from and therefore it is best to walk over to the stall, choose the items yourself and once done, inform her and she would then prepare the dishes accordingly. This stall only sells food items and the drinks are sold by the landlord which is Kedai Kopi Sun Sin Lee. Prices are slightly expensive for the drinks but they are still within an acceptable range.

Cutlery and Sauces

Small Plate Of Wan Ton Noodles
It does not take her that long a time to prepare the dishes and usually, within 10 minutes, the dishes are ready and served at your table. This afternoon, we ordered two plates of the above Kon Low Mee which is the small sized one. This was for my parents and this comes with a small bowl of soup and three pieces of Wan Ton's in the clear soup. 

Large Plate Of Wan Ton Noodles

Thoroughly Stirred
As for me, I always go for the larger one. The noodles are soft and springy and as mentioned earlier, even the noodles are made by them. This comes with some Wan Ton's and sliced Char Siew. A perfect dish of Wan Ton Noodles and I would rate this at 9.7/10 . 

Wan Ton's in Clear Soup

Just The Right Size
Besides the main dishes, we would always order another bowl of Wan Ton's in clear soup and usually, we would go for RM 2.00 . This is priced at RM 0.15 each which is to be considered very cheap when compared to the Wan Ton's sold at other restaurants. These too are homemade and not the ready made ones. Delicious dumplings that deserve a rating of 9/10 . The soup too is quite delicious!

Tofu & Fried Wan Ton's in Curry
My dad loves their curry and he usually orders a small bowl of Tofu and Fried Wan Ton's which is to be served in a bowl of thick curry.  Their curry is absolutely awesome and if you love Curry Mee, then I would recommend to try their Curry Mee too. I would rate their curry at 8.5/10 .

In summary, it was a hearty lunch and for the three of us, the bill came to RM 16.00 only which is a very reasonable price, if not cheap. Definitely great food, speedy service and very reasonable prices! Simply love this place and would highly recommend it!

Address: Next to Maybank, Jalan Chong Ah Peng, 
                35900 Tanjung Malim, Perak, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 1130 - 1600 (Or Until Sold Out)
                          (In the morning's, she is in the wet market next door on the first floor)

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