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Peter's Pork Noodle @ Brickfields, Kuala Lumpur

Peter's Pork Noodles is a noodle's stall that needs no further introduction among those Pork Noodle fans. This is one of those Pork Noodle stall's that is being promoted even on Trip Adviser and has been around since 1979 which is about the time that Mr. Peter Tay moved to Kuala Lumpur from his hometown Taiping. My friends have always been recommending me to go and try this noodles but Brickfields being an area that I do not frequent often, I have had to postpone this trip for almost a year now and finally, here I am today. 

Money's Corner Food Court

Entrance To The Food Court

Full At Lunch Hours
They have two outlets in Brickfields and I wanted to go to the very first stall where Mr. Peter himself prepares the noodles, which is located in Money's Corner Food Court. Finding this place can be slightly tricky. Assuming you are coming from the NU Sentral entrance which comes out at Brickfields, turn left (or keep going straight assuming you are taking the escalator down) and keep walking till you see an open air car park on your left. This is a mere 1 minute walk from the escalators, or perhaps less...depending on the speed of walking. At this car park, you would see some food stalls and vegetable market manned by some Bangladeshi guys. Turn into this car park and walk pass these stalls. Shortly, you would be able to see Legend's Claypot Briyani outlet on your right. Just before that, between the stalls and Legend's, you would be able to sight the entrance to this Money's Corner Food Court. It is usually crowded during lunch hours and finding a place can be a challenge. Sharing a table is a common sight here. There are numerous stalls here selling a variety of food items. Peter's stall is located on the far end from the entrance, just before Moorthy's Mathai Food Stall. 

Iced Chinese Tea @ RM 0.60 per Glass
Fortunately, I managed to get a place at a far corner of the food court, not too far from Peter's stall. Once seated, those Indonesian girl's would be going around asking for your drinks orders and I ordered a glass of Iced Chinese Tea. This was priced at 60 cents per glass. Pricey, but acceptable by Brickfields's standards.  Having booked my table, I went over to Peter's stall to order my food. 

Peter Busy Preparing The Food

Prices Have Gone Up These Days

Peter Busy Cooking

Cutlery and Bird Eye Chilies Sent Over To My Table
Everyone was so busy at this stall and business is surely good. Peter did not get involved with taking the orders and this was handled by a younger guy who I believe is his son. Prices have definitely gone up as well when compared to the previous year. This I am able to assess based on the other food blogs that I have read on the Internet. He has also extended his business hours, now it is available till 10 pm at night. I then ordered a small bowl of Pork Noodles with egg. It is a must to add the egg as it is really able to boost the taste of the broth. All you have to do here is mention the table number, your order and that's it. Within two minutes, a worker sent a pair of chopsticks and some bird eye chili to my table. Now, waiting to taste this delicious bowl of Pork Noodles.

Pork Noodles With Egg @ RM 6.00

Very Lavish With The Amount of Pork Used

Runny Eggs

Decent Amount Of Noodles Too
My bowl of Pork Noodles arrived in about 15 minutes time. With one look, I knew that it is a bowl filled with goodness. There were so much pork and vegetables in the bowl along with some Mee Hoon and a runny egg,  and served in a thick, slightly peppery, super delicious broth. You have a choice of choosing the type of noodles and I chose Mee Hoon.  Besides the pork meat, they have also added Pork Liver into the dish to add further flavours. It is sad that they did not add some intestines as this would have been better but I understand that not many would prefer this. The dish was simply awesome. It was so good that I could not resist the temptation of ordering another bowl. I would rate this at 9.7/10 . 

Overall, a very satisfying dish and I am glad that I have finally tried this today. If you are a Pork Noodle lover, then this is a must do place for you. I would not mind travelling the distance to just go and have this bowl of noodles. Do take note that this stall is closed on alternate Mondays and the branch closes alternate Fridays. 

Address: Money's Corner Food & Beverage Station, 144A Jalan Vivekananda,
                 Off Jalan Tun Sambanthan, Brickfields, 50470 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Opening Hours: 0700 - 2200 Daily

Telephone: +6013 336 3953 

More About Mr. Peter Tay: http://www.themalaymailonline.com/eat-drink/article/a-life-story-in-one-bowl-of-noodles 

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  1. I went there this morning for breakfast. Thanks for the lovely pictures on your blog.