Thursday, 16 October 2014

Adyar Ananda Bhavan Sweets & Snacks @ Krishnagiri, Tamil Nadu, India

En route to Salem, we stopped at a petrol station along the highway and there was a nicely built rest area with restaurants and children's play area. Since it was already 5 pm, we decided to stop for a quick tea break here. And the good thing here is that there was an outlet of Adyar Ananda Bhavan Sweets & Snacks here. They had both indoor and outdoor seating. Initially we sat outdoors but then was informed by the waiter that if we sit outdoors, it would be self service. Hearing that, we moved inside. Indoors were okay too but it was just a small area and was quite stuffy. 

Indian Style Tea
Tea was served in plastic cups like the above. The handle was very flimsy and you had to be very careful when holding it or else you might end up spilling the contents on yourself. Taste wise, it was good. Definitely a good cup of tea. 

My Brother Having Horlicks

My Brother Having Horlicks

My Brother Having Horlicks
My brother had Horlicks and that was served in ever silver tumblers. The Horlicks, being fixed with cows milk, was also very good. Besides having two teas and one Horlicks, we also had two sets of Vadai's (two to a set) and one Kesari and the total was merely INR 120 . Definitely good value for money and as always, the taste was really good. Highly recommended place if you are heading along this route.

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