Sunday, 19 October 2014

Sakthi Tea Stall @ Sivakasi, Tamil Nadu, India

From Madurai, we visited Pazhamuthirsolai and Thiruparangkundram Murugan Temples. By the time we left, it was already around 7 pm and our next for the night shall be Thiruchendoor which is another very long drive. Along the highway near Sivakasi, we stopped at this very humble tea stall called Sakthi Tea Stall for some quick snacks.

Sakthi Tea Stall in Sivakasi

At The Tea Stall
As it was Deepavali season, the entire stretch near Sivakasi had loads of shops selling fireworks. I was told that Sivakasi itself is famous for these fireworks. This stall is just a basic stall selling tea and some cakes and is clearly visible from the highway.

Indian Tea
My dad and I had the above Milk Tea. They were served in small paper cups which were the disposable type. Volume as always is much less than we get in Malaysia but taste wise, it was good. It seems that they never use any other milk besides fresh cows milk in India for all their drinks. Powdered milk is like just for babies. 

Brother Having Black Tea
Their Black Tea was also good. Surprisingly, the Black Tea was served in a glass unlike the Milk Tea.

Us Having Tea
Besides Tea, we also had some snacks and sweets. Everything was good here. If you do happen to pass this route, this would be an ideal place for a quick tea stop. The total cost at this stall was just INR 51 .

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