Friday, 17 October 2014

Kovai Anandha Bhavan @ Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu, India

From Coimbatore heading to Marudamalai Temple, as the timing was off and the temple had closed to only reopen at 2 pm, we stopped along the route to have our lunch in this village like area. Despite being the suburbs of Coimbatore, there were still some large universities and good restaurants here and we stopped and one such restaurant called Kovai Anandha Bhavan.

Four More KM's to Marudamalai

Kovai Anandha Bhavan Restaurant

Parking Area At Kovai Anandha Bhavan Restaurant
The restaurant was simple and clean. Seems like it is run by a couple and they were the ones who were doing the waiting and serving. They had one other assistant for the cleaning and another elderly person from Karaikudi doing the cooking. 

Mushroom Briyani
My brother and I ordered the above Mushroom Briyani. This is the first time in my life that I am trying this dish and this came with Cucumber Acar in Curd and some Kurma on the sides. We requested for more Kurma and they provided it obligingly. This was indeed the best Briyani that I have tried. The rice was wonderfully cooked and I did not feel that I was having a vegetarian dish. It was heavenly. I won't mind eating this everyday. Excellent preparation.

Mushroom Pakkora

Mushroom Pakkora
We also ordered another dish of Mushroom Pakkora. This again was wonderfully prepared, anytime better than what you get at those Indian fine dining restaurants in Malaysia. Excellent dish!

Parents Having Lunch
My father ordered Sambar Rice and that was just so so. The Sambar Rice that we had on the first day was still the best. Besides this, my mother and the driver both had full meals which was the standard Banana Leaf Meals. Here they did not serve coffee or tea and so we just had to be happy with water. In summary, the Mushroom Briyani and Mushroom Pakkora was excellent, the full meals was good but the Sambar Rice was just above average. The total meal cost us INR 380 . Definitely get better value for money once you are out of the city area.

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