Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hotel Grand Palace @ Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India

Kodaikanal was freezing cold this evening. I guess among everyone in my family, I was the only one that was feeling nice whereas the rest, were freezing. We checked in to the hotel and then went out sight seeing for a while. My mother, as she was feeling cold, decided to stay back in the room.

Hotel Grand Palace in Kodaikanal

Grand Restaurant at the Side

Street View of Kodaikanal
The hotel that we stayed was a beautiful hotel. Unfortunate that they did not have family rooms and we had to stay in two rooms, otherwise the hotel was excellent. This hotel is located right next to the Mariamman Temple, very close to the lake.

My Brother
Come dinner time, pretty much my mother and brother refused to come out of bed. My brother was clad in a sweater, still with his jeans and covered up with a blanket and refused to come out of bed as it was too cold for him. So it was my dad and I that went up to Grand Restaurant, located within the hotel itself. The only setback was that they did not have a connecting entrance and we had to walk out in the drizzle to head to the restaurant entrance. The restaurant was simple, dimly lit and had a nice ambiance. 

Ghee Capati
They had both vegetarian and non vegetarian items here. The menu was simple and that worked well with us as we were looking for just a simple meal. For lunch, I believe they have a much more comprehensive menu. I ordered the above Ghee Capati and in a set there were 2 of those. The Capati's were good and tasty even on their own.

Plain Capati
My Dad ordered plain capati's and in a swet, there were three pieces. Both the Ghee Capati and Plain Capati were priced the same. That's why for the plain Capati, they gave an extra piece. Even the plain Capati tasted great. 

Kadalai Gravy
The Kadalai Gravy was excellent. Initially we wanted to order more but the waiter was honest to have stopped us saying that that would already be too much for the two of us. Nice of him to do that. This dish was definitely delicious.

Us Having Dinner
As always, after dinner we had a cup of coffee each which again was wonderfully fixed. Besides this, we took away some toast and more coffee for my mother who was in the room. In total, the bill came to INR 310 which was very reasonable for the number of items that we had. Definitely a good restaurant that I would recommend!

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