Monday, 20 October 2014

Hotel Abi's Inn @ Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, India

Finally we reached Tanjore which is our halt for the night and thanks to my friend Dr. Sridhar who had recommended us to stay at this wonderful hotel called Abi's Inn. This hotel is located not very far from the Big Temple and is located just along the roadside and therefore locating it is not difficult.  

The Living Area

Bedroom 1

Bedroom 2
We took the two bedroom apartment which cost us INR 3.600 which is a very good deal. The apartment came with two bedrooms, one living area, one kitchen and a balcony overlooking the streets. All the rooms were air conditioned and they had room service. Having checked in at the rooms, we then head down to their restaurant for dinner.

At The Restaurant

At The Restaurant

At The Restaurant
The restaurant had a very posh set up. This restaurant served both vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes. Their menu was very comprehensive serving both South and North Indian dishes and some Continental cuisines as well. It took us a while to go through the menu and decide on what to eat. The waiters manning this restaurant too were very polished in their approach. 

Garlic Naan
My brother went for their Garlic Naan. As you can see, real garlic slices are visible on the bread. Per basket came with three huge slices which is good to satisfy a very hungry man. Taste wise, the bread was good and it was very soft. Highly recommended!

Dhall Tadka
To go with the Naan, we also ordered a plate of Dhall Tadka. This came in a huge container which is good to serve four pax. Definitely too much for one. The Dhall Tadka was great, really delicious preparation. 

Vegetable Kothu Barotta
The first restaurant that we dined throughout this trip that served Vegetable Barotta. As my dad had never tried this, we decided to order this for the both of us. The Barotta came with loads of vegetables and was slightly spicy. Nice dish and well prepared.

Ghee Dosa
My mother and the driver went for the above Ghee Dosa. This was quite a large Dosa and was served with Sambar, Tomato and Coconut Chutney on the sides. This again was nice.

Us Having Dinner

Filter Coffee
After dinner, we all had coffee except for my brother who had Horlicks instead. The Coffee, just like the food, was very good. 

Back At The Room
Overall, this places is really good. This applies both to the restaurant and the hotel itself. The food was fantastic and tonight's bill came to only INR 689 . The place is clean and cosy and even the room service was very good. Definitely a highly recommended Hotel and Restaurant.

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