Monday, 20 October 2014

Hotel Thiyagi Mahadeva Iyer @ Tiruchendur, Tamil Nadu, India

Tiruchendur town has definitely loads of room to improve. The town was in a mess specifically from the drainage problems and the current rainy season which creates flash floods whenever it rains for more than an hour. Besides this, there are not many good places to eat as well near the Tiruchendur Temple. We were looking out for a place to have breakfast and there was literally no proper place except for a number of bakeries. As such, we had to settle for this Hotel Thiyagi Mahadeva Iyer which is a Iyer's Mess.

Streets of Tiruchendur Heading to the Temple

The Small Iyer Mess That We Found
This was just a small place along the street heading to the Temple. The signboard outside mentions that they have Idli, Dosa, Ponggal, Puri and Chapati and having read that we went in.

Inside the restaurant

Inside The Restaurant

Disappointed Faces
The restaurant was very simple and on asking they mentioned that they only have Idli and nothing else. The staffs were also very rude when replying. Its like if you want you eat or you can get lost kinda attitude. Not having a choice, we had to have their lame Idli's which were pretty bad. The only curry they had was Sambar without any Chutney's too. Nothing else was available including drinks. And after having your meals, you have to pick your leaves, throw them and clean the table yourself. What a weird culture here. The food was not good at all. Though the price was only INR 90 for the four of us, we left very unhappy. Definitely a no go place for me. Sorry I was too disappointed with the food that I did not take any photographs of the food items. 

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