Wednesday, 15 October 2014

Hotel Regalia @ Tirupati, Andhra Pradesh, India

We were stuck up the Tirupati Hill Temple for the whole day and by the time we came down, it was already 3.30 pm. At that this there were not many options that we had for lunch. After asking around, we were recommended to head to this newly opened hotel in town called Hotel Regalia which had a vegetarian restaurant inside. As it was located right in town center, it was not at all difficult to locate this hotel.

Hotel Regalia in Tirupati

At The Vegetarian Restaurant Inside The Hotel
It is clear that this is a newly opened four star hotel. The restaurant here closes at 4 pm too for their afternoon break but the waiter and chefs were kind enough to accommodate us knowing that having come in at 3.30 pm, we might only head out at 5 pm at the earlier as it takes time to cook and prepare the dishes. Though they had an elaborate menu containing South and North Indian dishes, at this hour they only had the Tali set available. I was not fussy as they were kind enough to have us here at this hour. Even that, I was told would be cooked from scratch. We were definitely glad to have come to this place where the reception was warm and we felt welcome. The restaurant too was spotlessly clean.

Tali Set

Us Having Lunch

Us Having Lunch
I was truly impressed with the Tali Set here. It comes with 18 different varieties right from starters to sweets and ice cream. At first, they served us a glass of home squeezed grape juice and followed by rice crackers which were freshly fried. The wait was long for the food to be prepared, at least 40 minutes if I remember right. Once the waiter noticed that the rice crackers were out, he topped them without us requesting him to do so. Then the meals arrived. It started with two Pooris and then followed by White Rice. This was accompanied by five vegetables and six different curries. A definite treat it was. At the end, they served us Laddu. 

More Items
When I thought that we were done, the waiter then brought some Ice Cream, Gulab Jamun and the Indian traditional spiced Betel Leaf. Everything was superb. This was the perfect and most fulfilling meal that we had throughout this entire trip. After this, we also had four Filter Coffee's. Actually I ordered the coffee's when I initially placed the orders. If I had known that we would be having this many items, I would have surely skipped the coffee.

Happy Face After A Good Meal
For this feast, the total bill was INR 1000 but it was absolutely worth every dime. I have tried a number of restaurants at this town from my previous trips and this is definitely the best of them all. A highly recommended restaurant in Tirupati town.

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