Tuesday, 14 October 2014

City Cafe Vegetarian Udupi Hotel @ Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India

We just checked out of the hotel in Chennai and were heading to Parrys Corner in Chennai and we stopped at this small vegetarian restaurant which is located between Chennai Central and Parrys Corner. Seems that this place is famous for their Vadai's and it came highly recommended by the driver.

City Cafe Vegetarian Udupi Hotel in Chennai

Checking Out The Available Items
Since Vadai was on our must have menu, the driver went in first to check if the Vadai was ready. Only when he came out and confirmed that it was ready, did we head in.

Price List At The Restaurant

Waiting For Our Food
There were not many items that were available for breakfast. They were Tosai, Vadai, Idli, Puri and Ponggal. We ordered two sets of Vadai's and two sets of Idli's along with four coffee's.

Vadai Set
As recommended, their Vadai's were superb. In fact, they were much better than the Vadai that we had at Adyar Ananda Bhavan last night. Both my dad and I had another two sets of vadai's as they were really good. I would rate this Vadai at 10/10 .

Brother and Mom Having Idli Set

Breakfast in Progress
Their Idli's were good too but not as good as their Vadai's. I wouldrate their Idli's at 9/10 . Their coffee was average too and I would rate them at 8.3/10 . If you are looking for a place to have excellent Vadai's for breakfast in Chennai, then this is the place to be. Highly recommend their Vadai! Our total meal for the day cost us INR 340 .

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