Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Best Thevar's Biriyani Non Veg (Halal) @ Tanjore, Tamil Nadu, India

This morning, from Tanjore, we went to Kumbakonam to visit Swamimalai Murugan Temple and Kumbeshwarar Sivan Temple. We finished Kumbakonam around noon and being Deepavali eve, the place was quite busy as Kumbakonam is a market town. As such, since our next destination is Trichy, we decided to head back into Tanjore for lunch. Having finished with all temple visits, my brother wanted to have non vegetarian food and as such, the driver suggested a place in Tanjore that is famous for their Briyani and Tandoori's. 

The Restaurant

Deepavali Special
This restaurant is located quite close to the Big Temple in Tanjore. They have a vegetarian restaurant and a non vegetarian restaurant, both located side by side. Seems that this place is very famous among locals as the place was packed with customers. Being Deepavali season, they had Turkey Briyani, Young Lamb Curry, Mutton Briyani and a variety of Tandooris.

The Cashier

Us At The Restaurant
The restaurant was small and simple but was packed. There were like hundreds of take aways happening when I was there and it took us a while to get a table and subsequently to get our orders through. Not that they staffs were not good, they were shorthanded and all of them were literally running around serving customers. At some point I lost my cool and almost went into like a fight mode with the waiter. He then calmed me down and apologised and then came to us to take our orders. 

Mutton Biriyani

Mutton Biriyani
In about 15 minutes, the food was served. My dad and I ordered the Mutton Biriyani. There was a huge portion with lots of mutton and on the sides, they served Kurma, Onion Raita and Mutton Curry. This was totally different to the Briyani that you get in Malaysia but it was nice. As I was used to the Indian taste, I liked it but my father who is not used to the Indian tastes, did not quite like it. By Indian standards, this is definitely a good preparation. 

Chicken Briyani
My brother and mother went for their Chicken Briyani. This again was served with a huge drumstick a.k.a. leg piece in India, Kurma, Onion Raita and Chicken Gravy. This again was good by Indian Standards. 

Black Pepper Fish
We also ordered a small plate of the above Spicy Fish. It came with chunks of fish prepared with black pepper, onions and chilies making it a spicy dish. The dish was very good. Only complaint would be the portion size, otherwise an excellent dish.

Spicy Prawn Sambal
The Prawn Sambal too was served in a small portion with lots of onions. In fact, it seemed like a dish of onions with some prawns. Taste wise, it was good.

Tandoori Chicken
This dish was the highlight of the day! The Tandoori was so soft, juicy and extremely delicious. Never tasted anything as good as this. It was simply heavenly.

Having Lunch
Besides the food items, you cannot get other drinks variety here besides plain water. Food was good and I liked it very much. The rest did not quite like it and that is simply because they are not used to the Indian non vegetarian items. It definitely tastes very different from what you get in Malaysia. May taste weird if you are not used to it but once again, I found them to be good. The total bill today came to INR 1,100 which is a decent price for the number of items we had. Do note that food is much more expensive in Tamil Nadu compared to even Kuala Lumpur.


  1. in those days this place used to be a hot throb among the student community of thanjavur

    1. That's great to hear Sridhar. It still is so busy when we went there. Must be very famous in Tanjore.