Thursday, 16 October 2014

Sri Saravanabhavan Elite @ Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, India

Finally, after being on the road since morning, we arrived at this hill station called Yercaud, which is located beside Salem in Tamil Nadu. Yercaud town is so small that there is just a row of plank shops in town which seemed not like a place that fussy diners like my mother would head. The only place, besides the five star hotels, that seemed good was this restaurant called Sri Saravanabhavan Elite and this too was located right beside the cottage that we rented. At 8.30 pm, the place was already quite dead and very few people were outside on the streets. The chilly weather surely has contributed to this. Even at this restaurant, when I checked with them, they close at around 9 to 9.30 pm .

Sri Saravanabhavan Elite in Yercaud

Mostly Standing Tables

Cleaners and Waiters have different uniforms

Just Ordered
This place seemed more like an express diner. There were only four tables which had chairs, the rest were standing type where customers would have to stand and eat. The shop itself was not too big, it seemed that the kitchen was bigger than the dining space. Ordering here was a breeze. All their waiters were very quick to attend to customers. Here, they had a variety of tiffin available at night. I have not seen such variety in a single shop thus far in India from the places that we had dined. 

Idli Set
My mother ordered the above Idli set and it came with two Idli's, Sambar, a dash of Tomato Chutney and a dash of Pudina Chutney. The Idli was very good here, in fact the best that we had had throughout this journey and they were accommodating when more chutney was requested.

Masala Dosai
My brother ordered the above Masala Dosai. It again with with the same sides. Do observe that the masala filling is only available at the center and not all throughout like in Malaysia. Literally means that you eat plain Dosai all around and only get a taste of Masala Dosa when you come to the center. The Masala was not as good as the one that you get here and was made using some vegetables and not potato. Decent, but not great!

Poori Set
I ordered the above Poori set. The Poori's were freshly prepared and that can be seen from the bloating of the Poori's. Unlike most places, the Poori was not greasy at all and definitely seemed very healthy. The Poori's that you get in Malaysia is very greasy and this was much better compared to the ones that we get here locally. This also came with some Coconut Chutney and Potato Gravy. The Coconut Chutney was nice but the Potato gravy was just above average. I enjoyed eating the Poori on it's own as it was tasty the way it was.

Barotta Set
My father ordered the above Barotta Set and it came with two Barotta's, some Cucumber Acar in curd and some Kurma. Just like the Poori's the Barotta's were dry and non greasy. The taste too was very good. The accompanying sides too were quite delicious. 

Us Having Dinner
Besides the above, we also ordered another three coffees and one Bone Vita for my brother. Do note that throughout our journey, we also paid for the meals that my driver had and all prices mentioned are including that extra meal too. Here, the total bill came to INR 420 . Definitely a good place to have a meal in Yercaud with good variety.

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