Monday, 13 October 2014

Sri Abirami Hotel @ Thiruporur, Tamil Nadu, India

After our visit to Thiruporur Kandaswamy Temple, it was already 8 pm and that is already considered late for India where most people are already back home and off the streets. This is just a small town and there were not much options when it comes to food choices and the driver suggested us to try this restaurant called Sri Abirami Hotel which is just outside the temple grounds, along the main road heading back to Chennai. Do note that this too is a Vegetarian restaurant.

Sri Abirami Hotel in Thiruporur

Sri Abirami Hotel in Thiruporur
This was just a small restaurant that did not look impressive on first sight. Since options were limited, we had to agree to have dinner here. Having sat in, we requested for a number of items and they were all not available. Having given up, I asked him what is available and he mentioned that they only have Idli for dinner. 

A Set Of Idli

Us Having Dinner
The Idli's were served on a plastic plate with another plastic sheet beneath the food. This again came with limited amount of chutney and sambar and another vegetable on the side. The Idli was not great, in fact not too good too and it was below average. I may accept this quality Idli in Malaysia but definitely not in India. For me, this would only score 3/10. 

Once done with the meal, we had to throw the plastic paper ourselves and place the plates on a rack for it to be reused. If the plate was stained, then you are expected to wash the plates yourself before placing them again on the rack. Hmm...sounds more like a hostel than a restaurant to me. We also wanted coffee but once again that was not available at this place. This was definitely a non satisfactory meal and we were not happy with it though six sets of Idli's ( 12 Idli's) only cost us INR 120 . Sometimes price does not matter when you are looking for a satisfactory meal. Disappointed, we left the place heading back to Chennai.

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