Friday, 17 October 2014

V M Bakery @ Sulur, Tamil Nadu, India

We were heading to Palani along the highway and as it was already 6.00 pm,  we decided to stop for  tea break at this stand along restaurant in Sulur called V M Bakery.

V M Bakery in Sulur

Very Clean
Besides being a simple restaurant selling tea and coffee, this is also a famous bakery in this area. There were loads of cakes, buns and Murukku types that were available here. I was impressed to see that for a simple Murukku, they had more than five varieties. 

The Dining Hall

Us Having Tea
It seems that most business here is take away. The dining hall too was quite small, just sufficient to hold around 30 pax at any one point in time. We had three cups of tea and one Bone Vita. The tea was very good and was served really hot. Besides having tea, the driver had some buns. Since we were vegetarians, we avoided the buns but bought loads of Murukku to have in the car as we still have a long journey to Palani. The Murukku's too were excellent! Definitely a good place to stop for a quick tea or even to buy those Murukku items. The total bill here came to INR 125 .

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