Friday, 17 October 2014

Hotel Vel's Court @ Palani, Tamil Nadu, India

Finally having reached Palani at about 6.30 pm, we first checked in to the hotel. As I am familiar with this hotel and have stayed here many times over, we decided to stay at the same hotel this trip too. This hotel, Vel's Court, is located around the Adivaram of the Hill Temple and is only about three minutes walk to the Hill Temple base steps. After checking in at the hotel, we went to Avinankudi Temple for prayers which is just two minutes walk from the hotel. Having finished our prayers there, we returned to the hotel. By this time, it was already 9 pm and just nice for dinner. 

Hotel Vel's Court, Palani

Restaurant Entrance on the Far Left

Palani Hill Temple View From The Hotel
One of the reasons I love this hotel is the view. Right from the room, you are able to view the Hill Temple clearly and all Puja's are clearly heard in the rooms.Coming back to dinner, the restaurant is located on the far left side of the hotel. The restaurant is a pure vegetarian restaurant. Not too big, but the restaurant is very clean. The opening hours for the restaurant are from 6 am to 11 pm daily.

Ghee Dosa
My mother ordered the above Ghee Dosa. It was huge, actually good for two small eaters. This Dosa came with Coconut Chutney, Tomato Chutney and Sambar on the sides. The Dosa was good and made crispy.

My father had the above Barotta. The Barotta's were dry but slightly on the greasy side. Sadly, they only served this with Cucumber and Onion Acar in curd. There was no other curry provided which seemed inappropriate and not acceptable. 

The Capati too was only served with the same Cucumber and Onion Acar served in Curd. Initially the waiter had told me that Vegetable Kurma too would be served but they did not serve it. When I checked with the waiter, he told me that they were out of Kurma and he did not know this earlier. They should at least serve Sambar or some other gravy with this. A little annoyed but I did not want to create a scene.

Mushroom Gravy
As there were no curry provided, I then requested them to make the above gravy, of course this is not free. Taste wise it was nice but disappointed that we have had to order extra just because no proper gravy were provided. 

Us Having Dinner

The Hotel Lobby
If not for the gravy matter, the food was good. The meal tonight for the five of us including the driver came to INR 500 . Definitely a nice place to have meals and the hotel too was great.

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