Thursday, 16 October 2014

Sri Vishnu Bhavan @ Chittoor, Andhra Pradesh, India

Having stayed overnight in Chittoor, we woke up quite early to day as we had another long journey. We started the journey from the hotel around 8.30 am and arrived at Chittoor town at 9 am. Since our next destination was Vallimalai, we decided to have breakfast here. 

Sri Vishnu Bhavan in Chittoor
Chittoor is very much a small town and beside this shop, there weren't any other establishments that seemed worth visiting. As such, we decided on having breakfast here. The restaurant was nothing great too, but definitely sufficient for this town. Though they claimed to have an air conditioned dining hall, that was closed down. Not sure temporarily or permanently.

Vadai For Breakfast
Not much options they had for breakfast. It was either Vadai, Ponggal or Idli's. Pretty standard I guess. These guys would surely be spoilt for choices when they come to Malaysia. Anyway, the Vadai's were good at this restaurant. I added another 2 Vadai's after finishing mine. The Sambar in this restaurant was not up to the mark but the Chutneys were good.

Us Having Breakfast
My mother and brother had Idli's for breakfast. The Idli's here however were good. They were soft, fluffy and very fresh. Again, if their Sambar was better, that would have been great. Nevertheless, we still enjoyed the Vadai and Idli with their Chutney. Definitely a recommended restaurant is you are looking for good Vadai's. Having had four Idli's and seven Vadai's, we also ordered four cups of coffee. The total for today's breakfast was INR 200 only. Prices of food are definitely much cheaper in Andhra Pradesh when compared to Tamil Nadu.

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