Friday, 17 October 2014

Sri Saravanabhavan Elite @ Yercaud, Tamil Nadu, India

Having had a satisfied meal here last night, we returned to the same restaurant for breakfast this morning. We were here quite early and they were already almost full house. One thing that I observed is that despite the fact that the table with chairs were vacant, most locals preferred to stand and eat their meals, something unique that you do not find back in Malaysia. Once again, the waiter was very quick to attend to us. They had some different dishes this morning like Sambar Vadai, Thairu Vadai etc.

Sambar Vadai
Sambar Vadai is two pieces of Ulunthu Vadai being soaked in thick Sambar for some time and served with diced onions. My dad and I went for this. I have had this dish before in other places and found the preparation here to be quite good. My father, who is not used to eating Vadai like this, was not too happy with the taste. If you like Sambar Vadai, then this place is good for it.

Idli Set
My brother and mother did not want to try new items and wanted to be in the safe zone and so they ordered the above. Compared to last night, there was an addition of Coconut Chutney to the other Tomato and Pudina Chutney. Just like last night, the Idli was very good and definitely the best that I have tried throughout this trip.

Parents Having Their Breakfast
As usual, as a finishing touch, we all had coffee with the meals. Generally, all the items that we tried here since last night have been good. The meal this morning cost us INR 360 and that includes what the driver had. Definitely a recommended restaurant in Yercaud!

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