Thursday, 16 October 2014

Sri Durga Bhavan @ Vellore, Tamil Nadu, India

Having finished our last visit to Rathnagiri Temple, we were heading to Salem, Tamil Nadu. Definitely a long journey ahead of us. As such, we decided to stop at Vellore for lunch. 

Sri Durga Bhavan in Vellore
My brother was mentioning about another restaurant to the driver where he previously had his meals which was quite good but the driver did not know where the place was and so we had to settle for this restaurant. This restaurant was quite good too, it had a separate room for air conditioned dining. I must say that the staffs here were super quick to attending to customers. It's like they had wheels on their feet.

Tali Set
Here too, they only had Tali Set and a few other mini meals. The Tali Set here came with a slice of Poori as starters before moving on to the white rice. The vegetable items however were much more than many other places and they were nice. My brother and mother went for the above Tali Set and they were pleased with the food. Also, there were no sweets served but at the end, they served some Milk Payasam, which was a little too sweet. Otherwise a good meal.

Chapati Set
My father and I went for the Chapati Set. The Chapati was good and they served this with Cucumber Acar in curd and some Kurma. The Kurma was just so so but the Chapati was really nice. 

Us Having Lunch

Happy Faces After Lunch
After lunch, as always, we finished it with three coffees and one Bone Vita. On the whole, the meals here were decent except for one or two flaws with the curry, The total bill came to INR 550 . Definitely a decent place for lunch.

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