Saturday, 18 October 2014

Tea Stop @ Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India

Heading up the Kodai Hills was one of the most beautiful sights that I have seen. Long winding roads with lush greenery on all sides makes this a truly breathtaking view that one would cherish.

Extremely Cold Weather

Midway Stop For Tea

Mid Way Stop For Tea
Midway up the hills, we decided to stop for tea. This seems like a agricultural town where lots of the produce are sent to large cities. The simplicity of life here, the view and the weather were simply amazing.

The Only Tea Stall Here

Tea Making

Wonderful View
At first, we had tea. The tea was prepared by this man who has a simple tea stall here selling drinks and buns. He was a very chatty man and quite entertaining too while giving us a brief history of this place. The tea was really good.

Trying Sukku Coffee
The driver then suggested us to try the Sukku Coffee here. Sukku is old ginger which is infused into the coffee. We agreed to try it. The Sukku Coffee was amazing, world class I should say. Definitely never tasted anything quite close to that anywhere else. Excellent preparation. If you happen to pass this way, do make a stop at this junction and enjoy the Sukku Coffee, would be a perfect treat in this cold and chilly weather. Four Tea's and four Sukku Coffee's only cost us INR 30 . Highly recommended!

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