Sunday, 19 October 2014

Hotel Sorna's @ Vattalagundu, Tamil Nadu, India

From Kodai Hills, we were heading to Madurai City and it was a rather long drive. Since we expected to reach Madurai only late noon and as it was already 2.30 pm, we decided to have lunch at this small town called Vattalagundu. It was raining very heavily with water stagnant all over for up to 5 inches. As it was raining heavily, I could not take a photograph of the name of this restaurant. This restaurant is located directly in front of the Police Station and it is called Hotel Sorna's. 

Dining Hall at the Restaurant
As it was post lunch hours, there was not much of a crowd here. The restaurant was basic and they only had Banana Leaf meals at this hour without those Mini Meals or any other variety like Sambar Rice or Curd Rice. 

Basic Banana Leaf Meal
The variety was simple, just white rice with two vegetables. Besides that, they had Venthaya Kuzhambu, Curd and Rasam. They also served some Payasam in a small tumbler. 

Us Having Lunch
Food wise, I must say that their vegetables were above average only but the Sambar and Venthaya Kuzhambu were good. Their Rasam and Payasam were just mediocre. For the five of us, the total bill came to INR 350 . Generally an average restaurant serving average food only.

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