Monday, 13 October 2014

Restaurant Aaryas Garden @ Thindivanam, Tamil Nadu, India

Here I am in Tamil Nadu, India. The next few entries would be based on my dining experiences throughout this trip. I may not be as detailed as per my usual blogging style when it comes to location and contact details as these are famous restaurants in those areas and anyone familiar with these towns would know where these restaurants are. This first entry was our very first lunch stop when we were travelling from Chennai to Mailam. This is in the town of Tindivanam, located in Tamil Nadu. 

At The Car Park Area

Entrance To The Restaurant

Hotel Aaryas Garden
This restaurant is located along the main highway from Chennai heading to Mailam and it is right by the road side, just before Mailam town.There is a huge car park space and this restaurant is a pure vegetarian restaurant. For those that are not familiar, restaurants in India and called Hotels and Hotels are called Hotels too. Somewhat confusing that they may be initially, you'd get a hang of it in a day or two. Unlike Malaysia where we get everything all round the clock, restaurants in India offer only certain foods at certain time of the day. For example, for lunch, this restaurant only serves Tali Meals and mini meals like Sambar Rice, Curd Rice, Lemon Rice etc. Some of the restaurants serve coffee and tea whereas many do not. This was a learning curve for me too. Here, they did not have Full Meals which is the Banana Leaf Meals in Malaysia. 

Tali Set

Fruits Part Of The Tali Set

My Brother Having His Lunch
The Tali Sets here comes with an assortment of items. Starting with Chapati, you then move to rice accompanied by the number of items provided. Usually there would be a sweet item included but here at this restaurant, they provided with mixed fruits. The Tali Set was good and based on me testing the curries, I would rate them at 8/10 .

Sambar Rice
My Dad and I went for their Sambar Rice and this was the best Sambar Rice that I have had in my entire life. The taste was simply great and though the portion looks small, it was good for one heavy eater and this was accompanied by some beetroot and ghee on the sides. Excellent! I would rate this at 10/10 .

Lunch In Progress

Filter Coffee

My Brother Having Bone Vita

Luckily they served coffee at this restaurant. The three of us had a coffee each and my brother had a Bone Vita, which is something like Milo. Nothing beats the coffee in India and I would rate my coffee at 9.5/10 .

If you are in the vicinity and are looking out for a good place to have lunch, then this restaurant is definitely a great place to stop, provided you are okay with vegetarian meals. The total meal cost us INR 500 .

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