Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Hotel Rockfort @ Trichy, Tamil Nadu, India

From Tanjore, it just took us around 2 hours to reach Trichy which is our last city before we depart tomorrow. Once again, based on the excellent recommendation by my friend Dr. Sridhar, we stayed at this excellent Hotel called Hotel Rockfort which is facing the Rockfort Temple.

The Reception Area

Malar Restaurant
My brother and I were a little tired and we wanted to have a coffee. Having seen their coffee house on the ground floor, we headed there and it was only then that the staffs also advised us that there is a roof top restaurant by the same name too which according to their recommendation, seems like a great place to sit in the evenings. 

At The Rooftop Restaurant
We then arrived at the rooftop restaurant as it was just being set up and yes, the view was spectacular. The only setback at this restaurant is that it does not have a covering and if it rains, then you would get wet.

Rockfort Temple and Bus Station View

City View

Rockfort Temple View
The Rockfort Temple view was the best. It was so close and one would get a great view of this iconic temple.

Filter Coffee
We then had a coffee each while enjoying the breathtaking view. Luckily it did not rain this evening and the weather was fine. We did not have anything to eat as we both had plans to head out into the city later. The coffee was great. Definitely a place that I would recommend. The ambiance is nice and the view is fantastic. 

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