Sunday, 19 October 2014

Hotel Grand Palace @ Kodaikanal, Tamil Nadu, India

It was another chilly morning in Kodaikanal. As breakfast was complimentary, we decided to have breakfast at the hotel itself. 

Hotel Grand Palace in Kodaikanal

Grand Restaurant
As it was raining, my parents decided to have breakfast in the room and they were obliging enough to send my parents breakfast to the room. They had bread and toast, coffee and two Uppuma sets. Based on their inputs, the food was good but the Uppuma was superb.

Uppuma Set
Based on my dad's feedback, I decided to have the same. My brother and I went to the cafe around 9.30 am . Here they stop serving breakfast at 10 am. The Uppuma came with two Chutneys and some Sambar. I tasted the Uppuma and it was indeed very good. I did not need any of the sides as I enjoyed the Uppuma just like that. Definitely highly recommended here. Besides this, I also had their coffee which was again quite good. 

Brother Having Idli Set
The Idli set was also quite good and came with the same sides. Having had our breakfast, we ordered another two sets of Uppuma as I was really nice and they obliged to provide us complimentary. The breakfast sets here are really good and they do not limit each to just one set or serving. Definitely enjoyed the good food and great hospitality at this hotel. Highly recommended if you are in Kodaikanal.

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