Saturday, 18 October 2014

Hotel Subam @ Palani, Tamil Nadu, India

This morning we had breakfast in the room itself having ordered from the restaurant downstairs. We opted for this quick option as after that, we wanted to go up the Hill Temple. 

Palani Hill Temple

Gold Vimanam
Right after breakfast we walked up to the Hill Temple. Having had a good darshan, we then headed back down to the hotel. After a brief rest, we checked out of the hotel. As it was already 1 pm, we decided to have lunch in Palani itself without having got to go in to Palani town. That is when I remember that Vel's Court has a sister hotel here called Hotel Subam which has a decent restaurant too. This is located directly in front of the Hill Temple base steps.

Hotel Subam

Hotel Subam
This Hotel too was quite big, perhaps bigger than Vel's Court. The restaurant too was very spacious. Here for lunch, they have Vegetarian Mushroom Briyani and Tali Sets. We ordered one Tali Set for my mother and the rest of us went for the Mushroom Briyani. The driver too went for the Tali Set.

Tali Set
The Tali Set was nothing great actually. It came with just three vegetables, Sambar, Mooru, Rasam and some Payasam. Taste was just okay, nothing great at all. A little disappointed actually.

Mushroom Briyani
The Mushroom Briyani came with Kurma and some Cucumber and Onion Acar. Initially they had only served us the Briyani without Kurma and when I asked the waiter, he mentioned that it was not ready yet. I got a little annoyed here and asked him how does one eat Briyani without Kurma and then the Manager came over and assured us that the Kurma would be ready shortly. We had to wait for about 30 minutes for the Kurma to be prepared and then they served us the Kurma. As for the Briyani, it was only namesake Mushroom Briyani but I never sighted any mushrooms in it. Taste wise, it was not good at all. This reminds me of the Briyani that we had in Coimbatore while heading to Marudamalai. That was a class of it's own and it was only a third of the price of this. Definitely disappointing stuff. 

Cauliflower Pakkora
This again was just so so. The preparation was once again disappointing. Definitely not up to the mark. 

Parents Having Lunch
On the whole, this was a very disappointing meal. The food was not good, the staffs were not efficient and the prices were high. For the five of us, the meal today came up to INR 500 . Definitely a restaurant that I would not recommend!

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